What PDP can do for Housing Associations?

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Personal Development Point is at the forefront of personal and social development in the UK. Organisations partner us when wanting to support people, teams and communities to make better decisions and build productive relationships.

Founded by the educationalist Paul Oginsky in 2005 we are at the forefront of personal and social development in the UK.

Working on projects of all sizes our partners include:

  • Housing associations
  • Local government
  • National government programmes
  • Schools and colleges
  • Charities and community groups
  • Large and small corporates

  • Housing Associations

    Staff Training – We can train your staff to be personal and social development facilitators and ensure that the development of people is at the heart of their work.

    Team Building – We work with teams from 5 to 500 people, getting them to build a sense of team, explore personal and collective values and having a lot of fun in the process.

    Organisational Development – We help housing associations to set organisational strategies and ensure everyone is clear on the visions, objectives, critical success factors, values, allies, obstacles and contingencies.

    Projects – From concept to completion we can design, set up and run community projects for housing associations. The projects we specialise in are those in which your staff or residents can take ownership of and build sustainability if desired.

    Residents – We can work with your residents in the same way as your staff but if people are ineffective with finance, relationships, employment, confidence or apathy, we can help.

    Young People – We have supported the development of many thousands of young people into successful social action projects, employment, qualifications and the achievement of their personal ambitions.

    The above examples are why housing associations choose to make PDP their strategic partners of choice.


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