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If your organisation works with people we can help them achieve their goals. Our techniques will ensure that they:

  • Become more employable
  • Are motivated and confident
  • Have the interpersonal skills to work as a team

 A Recent Employability Project – how personal development supports people back into work!!!

PDP recently worked in Cumbria alongside the careers support service Inspira and the nuclear decommissioning company Sellafield Ltd.

We worked with 60 unemployed people from the local area and together provided a holistic approach to helping them gain employment at Sellafield in different fields of work. PDP focused on the character and leadership development of the participants, which supported them to feel better prepared for the employability skills and experience development that subsequently Inspira provided in the shape of CV writing, interview skills etc . The programme was a great success with over a third of the group being identified as meeting Sellafield’s entry requirements and will now be matched against specific jobs.

Sellafield are looking to repeat the process again in the near future.

A quote from Daniel Carter – Business Development Manager Inspira

The PDP input was: dynamic, motivational and powerfully different to standard interventions.  It  galvanised the participants, boosted their personal confidence and brought them together as a team, helping them to recognise their own skills and potential in the workplace.   All the participants found this a valuable, enjoyable and memorable part of the programme.

Quotes from some of the participants:

  • This was the best part of the course as it made me face fears that I hadn’t faced before and were holding me back
  • Given the chance to have a go in the role of leader in a risk and consequence free environment.  Built confidence. Good way of integrating groups.
  • I enjoyed working with others and think it is a good addition to the course.  A lot of people do find it difficult dealing with other people and everyone came away with something new.

Cartoon Showing Effective Personal Development

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